Live IPO - Fiji Kava.

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Fiji Kava Ltd (ASX: FIJ) is primarily a biotechnology company whose research and development aspirations are underpinned by an existing business selling kava extracts as a consumer product.

The Company considers that the scale-up and improvement of the underlying kava retail business will be synergistic to the development of additional products and intellectual property from kavalactone research.

The Company currently sources, produces and markets high quality kava-based products and intends to export and sell in Australia, USA, New Zealand and Hong Kong. These products include shots, powders, and capsules and are designed to promote relaxation, enhance sleep and reduce stress.

  • Opened: 18 October 18

  • Pay by: 24 October 18

  • List Price: $.20

  • Minimum Investment: $2,000

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