Tribeca Global Natural Resources.

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Tribeca Global Natural Resources Ltd (ASX: TGF) will be a listed investment company established to provide investors with access to an actively managed and concentrated portfolio of natural resources securities, credit positions and commodity positions.

TGF will have an active long/short investment strategy that seeks to benefit from the inherent volatility in the natural resources sector. They will employ a high conviction approach, leveraging the investment team’s deep bottom-up research and specialist knowledge of the entities and commodities within the investment strategy’s investible universe.

The Company aims to deliver positive absolute returns to investors while seeking to preserve capital and generate a compound annual return in excess of 15% (after all fees and expenses) over the long term.

  • Opened: 3 September 18

  • Pay by: 26 September 18

  • List Price: $2.50

  • Minimum Investment: $2,500

  • Prospectus.