Live IPO - PKS Holdings Ltd.


Pacific Knowledge Systems (PKS) is an Australian healthcare technology company that provides a proprietary subscription based Clinical Decision Support system (CDS) called RippleDown which automates the human decision-making process within healthcare organisations based on rules set within the organisation by domain experts.

PKS’ customers include laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare organisations and RippleDown was developed to address major issues within these organisations, including:

  • the increased financial pressures that are being faced;

  • a continual rise in patient volumes;

  • rising expectations for patient outcomes; and

  • succession risk from changes in personnel.

With 15 direct customers using the product in over 100 sites across 5 continents, PKS sales and distribution model involves both direct sales and sales via global channel partners. These channel partners include Abbott, a multinational healthcare products and services company headquartered in the US, Philips, a leading European health informatics organisation and Thermo Fisher, a European based multinational life science organisation.

Pay by: May 27

  • List Price: $0.20

  • Minimum Investment: $2,000

  • Maximum Investment: $10,000 (before scaling).

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