Behind the scenes.

We continue to work on updating and improving the content for the site and this week we've made a few changes including; 

  • Issues with finance data sources have complicated our ability to retrieve and utilise live data for the scorecards. We've got a work around in place, but it's a little more labour intensive than we'd like for a part time gig. We'll keep working on it and will do what we can to keep the new listings updated, you will now see Tempus and Sultan have accurate data again. 
  • Live Floats and News now have RSS functionality enabled, a link is available at the bottom of each page. 
  • FAQs were updated to reflect the RSS updates and consolidate info around how people can stay up to date. 
  • News updates will now go out in a weekly email on Fridays, we will dial back on sending individual emails for each news item. 
  • Mailing list subscribers will now receive a welcome email with some useful information around staying up to date on the latest news. 
  • The 2018 Scorecard was updated. 
  • Upcoming floats was updated. 
  • Further work was done on some other projects we've been tinkering with, we're hoping to see some major progress on one of those in the next month or two. 

As you can see, we've been fairly busy and we hope the changes are making it easier for you to keep track of and trade IPOs.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about any of the changes in the comments below or by dropping us an email. 

Sultan follows suit.


A little delayed, but better late than never, Sultan Resources has finally made its way to market today following on from yesterdays successful welcome of Tempus Resources.

Asking a fairly standard 20 cents during the float, Sultan failed to immediately reward investors opening with a 2.5% loss of around 19.5 cents. As with Tempus, we expect numbers to move around a bit during the afternoon.

Keep an eye on Sultan's performance on the 2018 Scoreboard. 


Tempus begins trade


After failing to list as originally scheduled then appearing only as "delayed" on the upcoming float list, Tempus Resources finally began trade today. 

With a float price of 20c, initial interest bumped prices up to 27c in the first few minutes of trade, though we usually expect prices to settle towards the end of the day - lets see what happens. 

We've added Tempus to the 2018 Scorecard to allow easy tracking moving forward, it can take a little time for the data to start flowing through for new listings. 


Minor site revisions for mobile/tablet users.


Given that a lot of the desirable content here is table driven and that mobile and tablet users account for almost half the traffic, we've been tweaking things a little to better accommodate those users. 

You will now see table data has been shortened where possible and mobile responsiveness has been altered on the table settings. 

This should hopefully allow more mobile and tablet users to view most of the table data without scrolling, or scrolling/zooming out only a little. Mobile users are best to use landscape mode to help this. 

We did experiment with forcing the content to match screen width, but the result was unreadable.

Let us know  how you're finding it, if you don't tell us, we can't help!