RF1 going live today - GRA withdrawn & AMC removed.


Check back after 11am this morning to see how Regals latest investment fund fares on ASX, expecting it to sit around the $2.50 ask, but not do much else.

Amcor PLC (AMC) has been removed from the list aftyer missing its go live date and Golden Tiger Resources (GRA) is now listed as withdrawn.

UPDATE: As expected, not much happened with this one, opened around $2.50 and hasn’t moved more than a few cents in either direction since.

Solid openings for VOL and 2BE - 10%+ and 40%+

victory offices.png

Manged office space provider Victory Offices can claim just that, after a successful opening at 11am this morning. Prices quickly jumped beyond $2.20, peaking at $2.30 before settling back to the low $2.20 mark.

It’s likely we’ll see further improvements with announcements already made for expansion.

Though playimng at the lower end of the price range, 2BE was certainly the star today in terms of pure percentage, peaking at 50% above its ask, or 30 cents, before dropping a little under and sitting in the high 20s.

Tubi are a mobile manufactur of High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) pipes and whilst they’re not operating on Aussie soil just yet, the 6M in funds and the exposure gained from the IPO may change that.


PBH proves to be safe bet.


Great news for punters this morning as Pointsbet Holdings Limited (PBH) joined the ASX around 11am. We always encourage you to do your own research, but we were confident this one looked like a quality IPO right from the start.

Having so far hit $2.30, up 15% from the $2 ask, early signs are good that we’ll see these numbers hold and possibly improve through the afternoon. We’re also expecting this one to be a decent longer term pick if you’re looking to add something different to your portfolio.

The Scorecard has been updated, data should start flolwing shortly.