Alliance digs up solid gains for investors.

alliance minerals.png

Finally joining the ASX today, Alliance Mineral Assets Limited (A40) got off to a solid start despite the wait, though this came as little surprise to investors.

Providing a nice mid-week reprieve and bucking the trend of recent resource based IPOs, shares began selling for 33 cents, over 60% above the ask listed in the prospectus.

As good as that sounds, it was to be expected as Alliance’ inception has come about as a result of purchasing Tawana Resources (TAW), which had a final price of 31 cents when trade was suspended.

For those who missed it, Caprice Resources also went live today but results overall have been poor so far.

Caprice manages to post minor gain.


While we continue to wait for Alliance Minerals, Caprice Resources (CRS) joined the ASX today, with shares changing hands from 2pm onward as scheduled.

Caprice is a newly incorporated mineral exploration company “committed to increasing shareholder wealth through the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resource projects throughout Australia.”

With aims to target silver, lead, and copper, Caprice looks to extend on some existing tenements with new techniques and equipment. Investors showed some interest as shares traded for 20.5 cents, half a cent above the ask, before dropping back to 20 cents and looking like it might slide further.

We’ll pop this on the Scorecard and keep trying to work out what happened to Alliance, check back for updates.

Revasum fails to generate demand at open.


Technology manufacturing company Revasum (RVS) has disappointed investors in early trade, joining the ASX at 12pm today. Starting 7.5% down for a loss of 15 cents per share, the initial spread indicated there may be worse to come.

Based in San Luis Obispo, California, Revasum designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of semiconductor processing equipment that allows other manfucators to produce a variety of products used in a range of current technologies.

Funds from the IPO will allow the company to expand its product portfolio, with 2 new offerings set for release in 2019.

The oft mentioned rule of never investing in something you don’t understand might hold Revasum back initially, but we’re thinking this one might be a slow burn.

Nanovue down 20%, possibly worse to come.


Technology company Nanovue Limited sputtered into life on the ASX today, as securities began changing hands around 1pm.

Nanovue provides a range of 3D mobile technologies, most notably a screen protector that enables 3D imaging functionality on smart phones. Investors were always going to be cautious of such a niche product, that is yet to gain appreciable take up in the market with prices currently sitting at 16 cents vs the 20 cent float price. Worse still, current bids are sitting at only 12.5c.

As a potential market disruptor, there’s potential for things to look very different moving forward, but early investors will likely need to be patient to see any gains from this one.

Redcape Group still looking for reservations.


Redcape Group (RDC) has received a slightly tepid response from the market today as it went live around 12pm.

Prices peaked at $1.10 and slipped slightly to $1.06 as trade continued, widening the gap to the $1.13 ask.

Besides the usual, Redcape will use some of the IPO proceeds to purchase another 3 properties, on NSWs South Coast, to add to it’s current portfolio of 32.