Coronado down 15% at open.


Despite a lacklustre response to its IPO, Coronado Resources (ASX:CRN) proceeded as scheduled when it went live on the ASX today around 12pm.

Investors took an immediate hit as prices opened around $3.80 vs the very ambitious $4.50 ask, and continued to fall having now settled around $3.70 at the time of this post.

Far from a a startup, Coronado’s is considered leading international producer of high-quality metallurgical coal and this effort was simply part of a wider strategy.

The 2018 Scorecard has been updated as per usual, fingers crossed for those who jumped in.

Straker speaking the right language.


Good news for investors today as Straker Translations (STG) kicked off trade around 12pm, showing healthy gains in the process.

Straker, a cloud-based ‘hybrid’ translation platform with an established model and proprietary technology, initially sought $1.51 per share during the float. Trade opened over 15% higher, hovering at $1.75 as investors continued to buy in.

Funds raised by Straker will be used for all the usual endeavours including product development and future acquisitions, you can track performance on the Scorecard as things progress.

QEM stable in early trade.


Resource company QEM rounded out our new arrivals on the ASX this week when it began trade around 10:30 this morning.

A vanadium and oil shale mining company with an interest in the energy sector, QEM sought the standard 20 cent ask for shares in the IPO and managed to consolidate at open, kicking off at 21 cents.

The market may sit back and watch to see if QEM can live up to its claims, with the website noting there’s strong indication that Julia Creek represents a significant opportunity for a world-class vanadium and oil shale mine.

Our Scoreboard should tell the tale moving forward, best of luck to those who bought in.

Identitii up over 20% at open.


FinTech provider Identitii (ID8) has brought some welcome news to a dismal market today as it opened strongly around 11am this mornining.

Identitii provides secure overlay of transaction level detail on top of financial messages, essentially speeding up transaction processing time, and unsurprisingly investors were keen to back a business that will help them move funds faster.

Peaking at 95 cents, prices have since settled to 90 cents vs the initial 75 cent ask, and it’s always good to see a nice results for an IPO that was readily available to retail investors.

As always, we’ve updated the 2018 Scorecard accordingly.

Security Matters makes successful entrance.


It’s not a great time to be entering the Australian Stock Market given the current conditions, but despite a number of delays Security Matters (SMX) has made a success start to trade this morning.

There are no big gains to be seen just yet, but SMX has at least managed to match its initial ask as activity began around the 20 cent mark.

With plans to use the funds for business development, sales, and product development, any gains to be had will be realised off the back of those efforts and in a more friendly market - You can keep tabs via our Scorecard.