Quick win for QuickFee.

QuickFee has become the 3rd straight IPO to post a gain at open as it joined the ASX at 12pm today. Coming close to a 100% gain within the first hour or so, prices have since “dropped” a touch to 38.5 cents or 92.5%.

QuickFee provides a payment platform for clients to obtain finance for accounting and legal costs, whereby the service provider is paid in full and the client enters a monthly payment program with QuickFee - More info here.

QuickFee also hs a US arm, though not yet profitable, and will use funds from the IPO for all the usual things, marketing, sales, acquisition etc.

Congrats to those who bought in, now can we go 4 from 4 with our next scheduled IPO AppsVillage? We’ll find out soon enough.

IXC posts 80%+ gains in the first hour of trade.


Invex Therapeutics (ASX:IXC) has had a cracking open as it officially joined the ASX today around 12pm. We normally like to sit tight for 2hrs or so but the signs are good that these results will hold afor the afternoon and we couldn’t contain ourselves.

Invex are a biotech “focused on the repurposing of an already approved drug, Exenatide, for efficacious treatment of neurological conditions derived from or involving raised intracranial pressure, such as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), acute stroke and traumatic brain injury.”

There’s very strong buy in at the top and whilst only a small company, in some respects, the market is clearly backing the venture.

Keep tabs on the Scorecard for updates and be sure to check out our Live IPOs as there’s a few stocks on offer currently that might be worth a look.

SZL added to list.


Sezzle is set to be the latest online payment provider to list on the ASX when it goes live towards the end of July and given its growth since 201,7 and the popularity of this sector currently, this will be one to watch.

$1.22 will get you a slice of the action as the company looks to raise almost 44M from the issue of 35.7M CDIs, yes Sezzle is an internaltional operation based in the US.

There are some minor differences to other providers, such as fee structure and the amount paid upfront, but these are all fairly inconsequential to the overall service offering. The company has said that it will focus efforts on the US though, so don’t expect to see a big push into the Australian market just yet.

Key offer details below, and the prospectus is available here.