Scales tipped as Shekel weighs in.

Weighing technology provider Shekel Brainweigh (ASX:SBW) has now successfully completed its IPO, having gone live for trade this afternoon following a solid 40+ year run as a private company.

The Group has previously been developing, manufacturing, and distributing advanced weighing technology solutions for local markets and is looking to use some of the funds for a proposed global deployment of its Retail Solution Suite.

There are plans for acquisitions of complimentary products, something Shekel has a history of, and with solid prior performance and good plans for the future, many pundits predicted this IPO would fare well at open.

Shares opened at 35 cents, matching the initial ask, but jumped to 40 cents as at the time of this post. As more investors do their research and buzz circulates, we’re expecting to see some additional gains for shareholders as the afternoon roles on - good luck!