Tymlez comes up almost 30% short at launch.


Blockchain platform provider Tymlez Group Limited (ASX:TYM) has made a fairly weak start to trade this morning, going live around 11am. Dropping 6 cents from the ask, prices slid a little further to 15.5c, at the time of this post, as securities continued to change hands.

Established in the Netherlands in 2016, Tymlez is looking to expand its sales and marketing efforts in Europe, as well as in the Asia‑Pacific and US regions by recruiting additional business development and marketing personnel and “aggressively pursuing” further marketing initiatives in these markets.

The business also intends to utilise the IPO funds to undertake further research and development activities on blockchain technology and further product development on the Tymlez Platform.

Will this one keep sliding or are you expecting it to bounce back?