Busy week for Resource listings.


Today was set to see active trading begin for 2 new resource based companies on the ASX, Constellation Resources (CR1) and Tempus Resources (TMR). With Rafaella Resources (RFR) having gone live on the 26th it's been a busy week for resource sector IPOs. 

Results are mixed so far with Rafaella having remained stagnant at 20 cents, matching its initial float price. 

Constellation had an excellent start seeing gains as high as 70%, peaking at 34 cents, before tapering off a little in afternoon trade. A great result for investors who picked it up for 20 cents. 

Tempus, whilst on the official ASX list, has not begun trade as scheduled (at the time of this post) so we'll keep an eye on that one in the coming days. 

Calix and NSB have both maintained their respective gains to date making a July a nice little earner for IPO investors.