VGI and VOL added


A couple of big dollar listings added to the watch list today, starting with VGI Partners at $5.50. VGI was founded in 2008 and invests in global listed securities, managing over 2 billion in funds currently.

The company is looking to raise circa 75M, but is only listing 20% of the total shares, the other 80% remaining with senior members of the VGI Partners Investment Team. More info can be found via the prospectus here.

victory offices.png

If VGI is a little expensive, perhaps Victory Offices (VOL) is worth a look instead. Listing for $2 and looking to raise 30M, Victory provides serviced, virtual, and co-working office spaces in 19 locations across the major capital cities.

Having been in operation since 2014 and with a few dollars on the balance sheet already, the prospectus is worth a read - you can find it here.