Quick win for QuickFee.

QuickFee has become the 3rd straight IPO to post a gain at open as it joined the ASX at 12pm today. Coming close to a 100% gain within the first hour or so, prices have since “dropped” a touch to 38.5 cents or 92.5%.

QuickFee provides a payment platform for clients to obtain finance for accounting and legal costs, whereby the service provider is paid in full and the client enters a monthly payment program with QuickFee - More info here.

QuickFee also hs a US arm, though not yet profitable, and will use funds from the IPO for all the usual things, marketing, sales, acquisition etc.

Congrats to those who bought in, now can we go 4 from 4 with our next scheduled IPO AppsVillage? We’ll find out soon enough.