HeraMED opens with steady rhythm.

Investors were listening closely today as pregnancy monitoring solutions provider HeraMED (HMD) began trade at 1pm.

Currently known best for its HeraBEAT product, HeraMED encountered a number of delays before making its way to the ASX and unfortunately the overdue arrival did not post any significant gains first up.

HeraMED will use funds from the IPO for all the usual things, including product development, and despite only trading for the same 20 cents ask as the the IPO, there’s still a good 25M+ on hand to play with.

With some of the products in development, we’re expecting this one to do better down the track making it a nice little incubator to add to your portfolio.

PINCHME IPO fails to live up to the hype.


There was a lot of interest straight out of the blocks for PINCHME.com’s IPO, which ended up closing early as a result, but it seems the reality doesn’t quite match the hype.

Prices came in just under the 50c ask at open, to begin around the 48c mark, and it was all downhill from there with shares currently trading for just 39c.

The 8M raised during the IPO will provide the Company with working capital to drive membership growth, fund product development, and to assist in attracting and retaining quality employees.