QEM stable in early trade.


Resource company QEM rounded out our new arrivals on the ASX this week when it began trade around 10:30 this morning.

A vanadium and oil shale mining company with an interest in the energy sector, QEM sought the standard 20 cent ask for shares in the IPO and managed to consolidate at open, kicking off at 21 cents.

The market may sit back and watch to see if QEM can live up to its claims, with the website noting there’s strong indication that Julia Creek represents a significant opportunity for a world-class vanadium and oil shale mine.

Our Scoreboard should tell the tale moving forward, best of luck to those who bought in.

Lukewarm receiption for 1414 Degrees.


Thermal Energy Storage provider 1414 Degrees Limited (14D) joined the ASX this morning with initial results described as tepid at best.

Alternate energy is a hot topic in the market, but IPOs in this sector have had mixed results historically. 14D shareholders, who put forth a slightly above average 35 cents per share during the IPO, saw prices hovering at only 23 cents this morning.

Initial response on these types of listings can be slow as investors wait to see what the rest of the market will do - keep track on our 2018 Scorecard for more info.