Coolgardie off to a slow start.


After having seen an over subscription to its IPO, Coolgardie Minerals (CM1) joined the ASX today amid substantial interest. 

Asking a fairly standard 20 cents during the float, shares began trading immediately at 16.5 cents despite the buzz generated by the IPO. 

Unlike other recent resource listings, Coolgardie already has some runs on the board and investors were looking forward to sinking their teeth into something with a little more substance.

It's early days yet, so keep tabs on Coolgardie via the Scoreboard as we'll be adding it shortly. 

Sultan follows suit.


A little delayed, but better late than never, Sultan Resources has finally made its way to market today following on from yesterdays successful welcome of Tempus Resources.

Asking a fairly standard 20 cents during the float, Sultan failed to immediately reward investors opening with a 2.5% loss of around 19.5 cents. As with Tempus, we expect numbers to move around a bit during the afternoon.

Keep an eye on Sultan's performance on the 2018 Scoreboard. 


Resource IPO triple header.


Hold on to your hard hats today folks, we're scheduled to see 3 new IPOs hit the market from the resource sector. Aldoro Resources Limited, AMD Resources Limited, and Black Dragon Gold Corp are all set to begin trade today. 

We do often see floats fail to go live as scheduled, but we'll be keeping an eye on the tickers throughout the day and will update with a round up of results later on. 

Best of luck to those that jumped in.

EDIT: As at 1:20pm, We're yet to see any of these IPOs go live and we'd have expected to see bid/offer details beginning to appear by now. 

As with all IPOs, dates given are indicative only but it's rare to see this many listings fail to begin trading. We'll keep an eye on it over the next few days. 

Still nothing from Tempus either.


Vitalharvest fails to flourish.

Vital Harvest.png

Having almost managed to fly under the radar, agricultural property investment provider Vitalharvest arrived on the ASX today. 

Investors were asked to stump up $1 per share to take part in the IPO, which sought to raise 185M in capital. At close of trade, early adopters had taken a 3.5% loss, with prices having so far failed to trade above the float price. 

Hopefully there's an uplift when markets return on Monday, we'll be sure to keep tabs on VTH throughout the week. 

As an aside, still no sign of Tempus nor has there been any uplift in Rafaella Resources to date. 

Busy week for Resource listings.


Today was set to see active trading begin for 2 new resource based companies on the ASX, Constellation Resources (CR1) and Tempus Resources (TMR). With Rafaella Resources (RFR) having gone live on the 26th it's been a busy week for resource sector IPOs. 

Results are mixed so far with Rafaella having remained stagnant at 20 cents, matching its initial float price. 

Constellation had an excellent start seeing gains as high as 70%, peaking at 34 cents, before tapering off a little in afternoon trade. A great result for investors who picked it up for 20 cents. 

Tempus, whilst on the official ASX list, has not begun trade as scheduled (at the time of this post) so we'll keep an eye on that one in the coming days. 

Calix and NSB have both maintained their respective gains to date making a July a nice little earner for IPO investors.