Coolgardie off to a slow start.


After having seen an over subscription to its IPO, Coolgardie Minerals (CM1) joined the ASX today amid substantial interest. 

Asking a fairly standard 20 cents during the float, shares began trading immediately at 16.5 cents despite the buzz generated by the IPO. 

Unlike other recent resource listings, Coolgardie already has some runs on the board and investors were looking forward to sinking their teeth into something with a little more substance.

It's early days yet, so keep tabs on Coolgardie via the Scoreboard as we'll be adding it shortly. 

Black Dragon doesn't quite strike gold.


After a number of delays, Black Dragon Gold (BDG) finally joined the ASX today. 

Initial response was lukewarm with shares trading hands at 18 cents, 10% off the initial asking price of 20 cents - Keep track on the price moving forward on our 2018 Scorecard, we'll add it shortly one the data starts to flow properly. 

There's been a flood of resource sector IPOs of late, and we're looking forward to some variety through September, identitii in particular. 

What are you waiting for? 

Tempus begins trade


After failing to list as originally scheduled then appearing only as "delayed" on the upcoming float list, Tempus Resources finally began trade today. 

With a float price of 20c, initial interest bumped prices up to 27c in the first few minutes of trade, though we usually expect prices to settle towards the end of the day - lets see what happens. 

We've added Tempus to the 2018 Scorecard to allow easy tracking moving forward, it can take a little time for the data to start flowing through for new listings. 


Calix returns 65% in 4 days.


In news that will surprise absolutely nobody with a keen interest in trading in IPOs, Calix closed out today at 87.5 cents on only its 4th day of trade.

Investors have been rewarded with a delightful 65% growth over on the initial 53c float price with prices having peaked at 90 cents at the height of trade on Monday.

We've popped this data into a model we've been working on behind the scenes, more on that to come, as we continue adding historical data to further test its efficacy. 

Did you jump on the Calix IPO? Let us know if you're going long or short and why, in the comments below. 

If you'd like to bank some of these gains yourself, head over to our Live Floats section and see what's on offer currently. 

Who are Calix anyway? Head to the website for more info