Next Science comes up with formula for success!

Next Science.jpg

Biofilm technology provider Next Science has made quite the entrance to the ASX today as shares began moving around 11am.

We were confident this would be a good launch and investors have reaped the rewards with initial prices hitting $1.43 vs the $1 ask.

According to the chairman, “The proceeds from the Offer will be used to expand Next Science’s product development activities, for administration costs and working capital, and to pay for the costs of the Offer.” and given wha the business is working on, we think the future is very bright for this one.

The Scorecard has been updated accordingly.

Christmas comes early as Exopharm posts 100%+ gains.


Australian biopharmaceutical company Exopharm (ASX:EX1) is delivering bucket loads of Christmas joy today as trade opened at 1:30pm - take note Santa!

Limited access and strong backing ensured investors were in for treat as prices immediately gained over 100% on the IPOs ask, peaking at 43.5 cents before settling to 40 cents.

Exopharm is seeking to develop and then commercialise “exosomes” as therapeutic agents with the aim of increasing the human life span. That might sound the like stuff of science fiction, but today’s results are very real.

This will be one to watch in 2019 and congratulations to anyone who managed to get an allocation.

HeraMED opens with steady rhythm.

Investors were listening closely today as pregnancy monitoring solutions provider HeraMED (HMD) began trade at 1pm.

Currently known best for its HeraBEAT product, HeraMED encountered a number of delays before making its way to the ASX and unfortunately the overdue arrival did not post any significant gains first up.

HeraMED will use funds from the IPO for all the usual things, including product development, and despite only trading for the same 20 cents ask as the the IPO, there’s still a good 25M+ on hand to play with.

With some of the products in development, we’re expecting this one to do better down the track making it a nice little incubator to add to your portfolio.

Stealth Global goes live.


Despite having been in business since 2014 and servicing over 3000 active customers, Stealth Global Holdings (ASX:SGI) almost flew under radar today as trade of its IPO kicked off. The market appears to be biding its time for now as prices opened at 19 cents, just shy of the initial 20 cent ask.

This may be in part due to plans moving forward, with Stealth set to formalise a merger with its strategic partner and supplier, Wheatleys, with funds raised from the IPO.

It’s not uncommon for the market to mindful of big changes in structure and you can keep track of how they’re doing on the current Scorecard moving forward.