Christmas comes early as Exopharm posts 100%+ gains.


Australian biopharmaceutical company Exopharm (ASX:EX1) is delivering bucket loads of Christmas joy today as trade opened at 1:30pm - take note Santa!

Limited access and strong backing ensured investors were in for treat as prices immediately gained over 100% on the IPOs ask, peaking at 43.5 cents before settling to 40 cents.

Exopharm is seeking to develop and then commercialise “exosomes” as therapeutic agents with the aim of increasing the human life span. That might sound the like stuff of science fiction, but today’s results are very real.

This will be one to watch in 2019 and congratulations to anyone who managed to get an allocation.

EMVision Medical posts over 15% gains at open.


EMVision Medical Devices Limited (EMV) has made quite the entrance to the ASX today, kicking off trade at 2pm.

The market sensed this was going to be good thing and the interest translated directly into gains as prices opened at 29 cents, 16% above the 25 cent ask.

Unsurprisingly, allocations were tough to get, but don’t despair if you missed out as many believe the best is yet to come. EMVision continues to gain interest and funding from a number of sources, including the government, and the strong executive team has a history of performing well.

We’ll be watching this one with great interest on the Scorecard, congratulations to those who got an allocation.

Investors feeling 200% better thanks to Althea.


Hotly anticipated medical cannabis provider Althea (AGH) made quite the entrance to the ASX this morning as investors scrambled to get a piece of the action.

This was a highly popular and difficult to access IPO and we received numerous emails about how to buy in or find the prospectus. It seems you had all picked a winner with trade opening at a very healthy 60 cents vs the 20 cent ask - That’s right, a gain of 200%.

As expected, prices quickly began to settle, but this is a great open by recent standards and we’re hoping to see either greater gains or at least stabilisation at the current level.

The 2018 Scorecard will be updated shortly with all the details.