Candy Club serves up a small treat.


It might not have set the market on fire, but Candy Club (CLB) did managed to give us a taste of what might be when it went live around 11am this morning.

As with many IPOs, CLB missed its first go live date with many speculating the offer was under subscribed. Despite the initial delays, shares began trading today at 21 cents, a 5% gain over the IPO price.

Look for gains later on with this one as the funds raised under the Offer will be used to scale both the B2C Business and the B2B Business, hire key employees, purchase automation equipment and for general corporate purposes.

How sweet will it get? Keep tabs on the 2019 Scorecard to find out.

Splitit Payments delivers the goods with gains over 50%


Welcome back everyone, we’ve had to wait for quite some time to see a new IPO go live this year, but we’re happy to report the wait was definitely worth it.

Commencing trade around 11am, Splitit Payments (ASX:SPT) burst onto the scene with shares currently trading at 31.5cents, well over 50% above the ask. Better still, at one point shares were swapping portfolios at 35.5c or 77.5% above the ask!

What a lovely first entry to our 2019 Scorecard, let’s hope the gains hold true for anyone keeping hold of the stock for a longer period.

Coles Group goes live, completing Westfarmers demerger.


As of 11am AEDT, Coles Group (COL) is now a separately listed entity on the ASX again, completing the planned demerger from Westfarmers Limited.

While not an IPO in the true sense, it’s a big shake up and gives investors additional options about how they would like take up shares in the retail sector.

Coles Group opened at $12.60 per share while Westfarmers (WES), as predicted, dropped in response from mid $40 to low $30 range.

Westfarmers’ plan was to reposition both businesses for the next decade and with the retail sector under increasing pressure, we expect to see many more of these announcements moving forward.

PINCHME IPO fails to live up to the hype.


There was a lot of interest straight out of the blocks for’s IPO, which ended up closing early as a result, but it seems the reality doesn’t quite match the hype.

Prices came in just under the 50c ask at open, to begin around the 48c mark, and it was all downhill from there with shares currently trading for just 39c.

The 8M raised during the IPO will provide the Company with working capital to drive membership growth, fund product development, and to assist in attracting and retaining quality employees.