Let's talk money - 2017 IPO results revisited


Our scorecards are useful tools, but many of us want to know what this means in real world dollars. With this in mind, we've revisited the 2017 scorecard to better represent the returns investors would have seen for a variety of initial investment amounts - Take a look.

We opted to start at the common minimum of $2000 and provide a few extra break points to show your position when selling against the current and 52 week high prices.

When you examine the table, then take a look at the averages beneath, you can see why IPOs are such a popular investment choice! 

We haven't directly linked this to the main site for now as we'd love to hear if you think this is useful data, let us know in the comments. 

For now you can can access the table from the link above, or from a link beneath the 2017 scorecard table.