Watch List Update: MZR and NXS added.

next science mont royal.jpg

A quick Monday morning update with the latest watch list movements, as we see 2 new additions to kick off the week.

Mont Royal Resources Limited (MZR) and Next Science Limited (NXS) are now listed as coming to market May 15 and April 29 respectively. Expect to pay the obligatory 20 cents for MZR as it seeks to mine Gold in WA, while NXS will set you back $1 per share.

NXS is an interesting one, the company aims to “commercialise and develop its Xbio technology, which is a non-toxic technology with proven efficacy in eradicating both biofilm based and free-floating bacteria, in a range of products for the treatment of biofilm based infections.”

You can take a look through the NXS prospectus here.

Watch List Update: AAM withdrawn, TIP added.


There’s no new IPOs scheduled to go live today but there has been a couple of updates to the watch list overnight that are worth noting.

Australian Industrial Minerals (AAM), which had only been on the list a short time, is now listed as Withdrawn. Neither the ASX announcements or the company site shows any obvious detail regarding this currently.

In better news, Teaminvest Private Group Limited (TIP) has been added to the list, this is quite an interesting one for those of you involved in private equity firms and the like, you can take a closer look at the prospectus here.

IPO Shuffle - Latest updates from the ASX


A few notable movements on the ASX Upcoming list today.

  • MPH - Mediland Pharma on track to go live 11am tomorrow.

  • IRX - Irexchange now listed as withdrawn.

  • RRZ - Relentless Resources removed from the list.

  • AN1 - Australian Sports and Nutrition added to the list and scheduled for April 3rd, Prospectus here.

  • KOL - Koligo Therapeutics added to the list and scheduled for March 29th, Prospectus here.