Splitit Payments delivers the goods with gains over 50%


Welcome back everyone, we’ve had to wait for quite some time to see a new IPO go live this year, but we’re happy to report the wait was definitely worth it.

Commencing trade around 11am, Splitit Payments (ASX:SPT) burst onto the scene with shares currently trading at 31.5cents, well over 50% above the ask. Better still, at one point shares were swapping portfolios at 35.5c or 77.5% above the ask!

What a lovely first entry to our 2019 Scorecard, let’s hope the gains hold true for anyone keeping hold of the stock for a longer period.

Fiji Kava drops almost 40% at open.

fiji kava.PNG

In news that may not surprise many of you, Fiji Kava (FIJ) has posting very disappointing results as it joined the ASX At 11am this morning.

Currently sitting around 12.5 cents, down from 20 cents, investors saw almost 40% wiped off the share price as everyone looked to offload, making this 2018s worst performing IPO.

We opted to avoid this one and signs are not great for a big bounce back, but if you bought in and are opting to sit tight for now, we’d love to hear what you think.

Christmas comes early as Exopharm posts 100%+ gains.


Australian biopharmaceutical company Exopharm (ASX:EX1) is delivering bucket loads of Christmas joy today as trade opened at 1:30pm - take note Santa!

Limited access and strong backing ensured investors were in for treat as prices immediately gained over 100% on the IPOs ask, peaking at 43.5 cents before settling to 40 cents.

Exopharm is seeking to develop and then commercialise “exosomes” as therapeutic agents with the aim of increasing the human life span. That might sound the like stuff of science fiction, but today’s results are very real.

This will be one to watch in 2019 and congratulations to anyone who managed to get an allocation.

Yandal Resources edges ahead of ask at launch


Posting any gain is a good thing and Yandal Resources Limited (YRL) has managed to do just that as it joined the ASX at 1pm today.

Resources sector IPOs have been plentiful this year, with most failing to match their initial ask at open, but Yandal has managed to slip investors a 5% gain as trade kicked off at 21 cents.

Prices are likely to shift with greater intent as results from ongoing exploratory works makes it way to market, keep track of Yandal’s performance on our 2018 Scorecard.