AltoStratos drops scheduled date, AXS misses its own.


Originally set for an early March go live, AltoStratos Holdings (ATO) is now listed as TBA on the upcoming IPOs list.

Similarly, all indicators are that AXS Group (AXS) will not go live today as scheduled today. We generally see a few clear signs that a company will list as scheduled and we’re not seeing any of those at present.

AXs opened in October and still appears to be open via OnMarket, that’s a very long time for an IPO to still be accepting buy in and may indicate lack of interest, but as always its’s best to do your own research.

IPO Shuffle - Latest updates from the ASX


A few notable movements on the ASX Upcoming list today.

  • MPH - Mediland Pharma on track to go live 11am tomorrow.

  • IRX - Irexchange now listed as withdrawn.

  • RRZ - Relentless Resources removed from the list.

  • AN1 - Australian Sports and Nutrition added to the list and scheduled for April 3rd, Prospectus here.

  • KOL - Koligo Therapeutics added to the list and scheduled for March 29th, Prospectus here.

Candy Club serves up a small treat.


It might not have set the market on fire, but Candy Club (CLB) did managed to give us a taste of what might be when it went live around 11am this morning.

As with many IPOs, CLB missed its first go live date with many speculating the offer was under subscribed. Despite the initial delays, shares began trading today at 21 cents, a 5% gain over the IPO price.

Look for gains later on with this one as the funds raised under the Offer will be used to scale both the B2C Business and the B2B Business, hire key employees, purchase automation equipment and for general corporate purposes.

How sweet will it get? Keep tabs on the 2019 Scorecard to find out.

African Gold wins hearts on Valentines day.

African Gold.jpg

African Gold (A1G) has given lovers of IPOs exactly what they wanted this Valentines day, posting excellent day 1 gains as trade opened on the ASX.

Asking the requisite 20 cents, prices peaked as high as 40 cents before settling to 30 cents at close of trade, a nice gain regardless of whether you jumped out early or made the call to sit tight.

There’s nothing overly exciting planned for the proceeds of the IPO, fund some exploration, pay some bills, the usual - that’s not exactly bad news though.

We’ve updated our Scorecard so you can keep tabs moving forward but we’d love to know what your call was, bag the Stag or Hold?