RLT gains as PKS strains.


Mixed fortunes for our debuting companies today as PKS Holdings and Reneger Limited shares began trading around midday.

PKS has struggled to gain momentum and peaked at its asking price of 20 cents before hovering around 18-19 cents all afternoon. Sentiment is still quite positive in the twitterverse though with many stocking up for a longer play.

With the bigger of the two asks, at 80 cents, Renergen delivered the goods immediately and maintained prices in afternoon trade. Peaking at just over a $1 per share, things soon settled to back into the 90 cent bracket for a solid 20%-25% gain.


WSP added.


We’re always a sucker for a tech based IPO so we’d encourage you to take a good look through the Whispir prospectus, here, and see what you think.

In operation since 2001, Whispir is a global cloud based SaaS provider and is aiming to raise 47M at $1.60 per share - Market cap on completion is set at 163M.

Investec shows housing not dead yet.


There’s a lot of talk about the housing market of late, prices at 2007 levels, bubbles bursting etc, but if actual housing is not so hot right now, perhaps a property fund is a better choice? Given how the market has reacted to Investec’s latest offering, it seems there’s still some money to be made from “housing”

With an ask of $1.30, traders are so far enjoying around 10% gains as IAP clocks over 2hrs of trade on its opening day on the ASX, currently sitting at $1.42. This may come as little surprise to some, given IAP has been trading on the JSE for some time now.

Investec has simple plans for the future, as outlined in the prspectus - “Following the ASX Listing, the Fund will be dual primary listed on the ASX and the JSE. A dual listing on the ASX and the JSE will provide the Fund with direct access to both the South African and Australian capital markets. Access to a more diversified pool of capital is expected to provide the Fund with greater financial flexibility to grow and diversify its Portfolio and make further real estate asset acquisitions in line with its current investment strategy, subject to its current borrowing policy.”

We expect share prices to continue in an upward fashion, but as always, DYOR.

IAP going live today, PBH added,


A few movements to note, Investec Property Fund is going live today around 12pm, check back at lunch for more info on that.


Pointsbet Holdings Limited has been added to the list, being managed by Bell Potter and asking $2 per share means this is one to take a closer look at, the prospectus can be found here.

PBH will look to raise 75M from the sale of 37.5M shares, there’s currently 72.5M shares already held and market cap is set at 220M on completion.