Live IPO - Security Matters Ltd


Security Matters Ltd (ASX: SMX) is the next generation solution to address the anti-counterfeit, brand protection, client liability and track and trace markets. The Company has developed a suite of integrated solutions to solve both authentication and track and trace challenges in order to uphold supply chain integrity, and provide quality assurance and brand accountability to producers of goods. 

The Company’s technology was initiated by the Soreq Nuclear Research Centre, an Israeli Government research and development institute for nuclear and photonic technologies under the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission.  This Source IP is in use by the State of Israel, and has been licenced to the Company with rights to exclusively commercialise the technology for civilian uses.

  • Opened: 7 September 18

  • Pay by: 17 September 18

  • List Price: $0.20

  • Minimum Investment: $2,000

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