Live IPO - Nice-Vend Limited.


NiceVend has developed an innovative and unique technology for the automatic, on-demand preparation of frozen drinks and utilised this technology to develop the 'quinzee Machine'. Nice-Vend has also developed a variety of different flavours of syrups and instant powders used for the preparation of frozen drinks within quinzee Machines under the FLAKES(TM) brand.

The unique homogenised frozen texture of FLAKES(TM) products can include real fruit content of up to 95%, and allow for the flavouring to have alternative features such as low-calorie, no added sugar, sugar-free, dairy or diary-free, protein rich content, coffee, real tea and caffeinated rich content to produce Textured Frozen Beverages. .

  • Opened: 3 September 18

  • Pay by: 17 September 18

  • List Price: $.20

  • Minimum Investment: $2,000

  • Prospectus.